Fitting Instructions

StudShu comes in one size which Fits Pony and Horse shoe sizes up to 6 inches depending on stud placement. Will fit a 6 inch shoe if stud holes are approximately 4 cms from end of shoe as in some factory drilled shoes.

Will fit Medium and Large studs from 15 mm to 25 mm in length ( excluding the threaded section ) in all shapes, including square sided, hexagonal, conical, dome and bullet.  However,  not recommended for small radius mini studs under 15 mm in length, excluding threaded section.


Fitted in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Pull collar out slightly and push base over the first stud

Step 2

Pull collar firmly around hoof wall

Step 3

Push base over second stud ensuring a tight fit





If StudShu extends beyond the end of the shoe, cut off any excess with a hacksaw or knife.

When fitting to a small shoe, keep solid toe of StudShu in line with the toe of the shoe and cut off any excess at each end if necessary

Note: Each shoe must contain two studs, one at each heel region.  StudShu fits Front or Hind Shoes

Must not be worn when riding